Grzebyk will announce the list of extra

Grzebyk will announce the list of extraIn the Moscow club "Dynamo" was an acquaintance of players "blue and white" with a new coach, which became Jaroslav grzebyk. Czech expert told his new charges that the task set for the next season, is entering a zone of UEFA. He also revealed that fights 1/8 Cup final against Russia Volgograd "Rotor" the team will be Sergei Silkin. The Czech plans to begin his duties only on pre-season training camp. In the role of assistants with Greencom will be working with two of his compatriot Vaclav Kotal and Stepan Marusinec. Czech troops is not limited thereto: the composition of the "white-blue" must also complete three Midfielders and one defender, whose names have not been named. Читать полностью -->

Spartak will play a friendly match against Craxi

Spartak will play a friendly match against CraxiJanuary 30 Spartak Moscow will play their first test match at the Spanish training camp. Rival Muscovites will be a local club "Krax," the press service of the red-and-white. The game will take place at 16.00 local time.Wednesday night the head coach of Spartak Nevio Scala and his assistant Stefano Coogi went on the second leg of the Spanish Cup Valencia - real Madrid. "We were primarily interested to see tactical schemes used by these teams, told about a trip Rock. - And in this respect we have not wasted your time. But from the point of view of intrigue we got nothing. Читать полностью -->

Chervichenko: chances to pass Mallorca Spartacus is

Chervichenko: chances to pass Mallorca Spartacus isThe President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko never regretted that broke up with Romancemy and since the breakup they had not spoken:- Personally, I like to communicate with Romancemy was very difficult. Unlike Rocks, with whom we are in constant contact.- Dostavka Spartak UEFA Cup is not impressive. Don't you think so?- Let's objectively look at the situation. If we want to invite to the team players of the national team level, they usually play decent clubs that have been involved in European competition. Therefore, it is impossible to to state. So we were limited in choice, and from real candidates remained ZOA, Petkovic and Zuev.By the way, remember how much sarcasm was released in my address about our seven goalies. Читать полностью -->

Locomotive - ruby: after the match

Locomotive - ruby: after the matchThe meeting was held with the advantage of railwaymen, which was realized in the final result, but the hosts only managed to punch well existing in the gate 'ruby' Kozko.And when it seemed that 'Loco' will be able to celebrate the seventh win of the season, the mood is the head coach of the hosts Yuriy Semin spoiled accurate shot Sharonova in the 90th minute after a corner. As the correspondent РТР-Спорт.Ru the joy of the players 'ruby' has caused mentor Muscovites undisguised displeasure, expressed in throwing water bottles into the ground.'We are disappointed that conceding goals from set-pieces, - said Yuri Semin. - For us it was a big problem. When the score was 1:0 Buznikin had to use the one-on-one. Then everything would be different, but once again confirmed the old truth of football. In the near future, we will strengthen the composition Khokhlov and Ashvetia that day will be declared. Читать полностью -->

Smertin and Bulykin ready for battle

Smertin and Bulykin ready for battleThe football team of Russia today, September 1, gathered in suburban forest, where they began preparing for the qualifying match of Euro 2004 with the Irish national team, which will be held on 6 September. According to the Chelsea midfielder Alexei Smertin in the next match advantage on the side of the home team. "The fact that the game will take place on their field, gives the Irish a solid psychological advantage. But we should not worry and should try to beat the home team in a fighting spirit". Such is also the opinion of Dynamo striker Dmitry Bulykin: "We need to leave everything on the pitch in Dublin. The upcoming match against Ireland decisive - if we win, the chances are preserved. Читать полностью -->

Kanchelskis trains in Brighton

Kanchelskis trains in BrightonFormer midfielder 'Manchester United' and the team of Russia Andrei Kanchelskis, who spent last season for the club 'al-Hilal' from Saudi Arabia, currently conducts training in the command of the second division of English 'Brighton&Hove Albion'.In the words of assistant coach of the 'Gulls', Bob Booker, Kanchelskis, now living in the South of England in Sussex, he asked permission from management 'Brighton' to practice with the team, which last season was relegated from the first division.The boss 'Brighton' Steve Coppell is considering the purchase of a 34-year-old footballer. But on the negotiations premature at the moment.//"Soviet sport"". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Hajiyev: to Educate the Riding I'm not going

Hajiyev: to Educate the Riding I'm not goingThe head coach of the Samara club "wings of the Soviets" in an interview with "SE" explained the absence in the starting lineup for the match of the second round of the championship of Russia against the "Rotor" star freshman Catania. "To educate the Riding I'm not going," explained the motives of the links in the Brazilian stock with a Spanish passport Hajiyev - Let his actions in the match with the "Saturn" I'm not impressed, but it's still not a reason to transfer the player to the reserve. Moreover, I should note that my position in this matter is much softer than the position of the President of the club.In stock in the end it was for purely tactical reasons. I wanted to play with one power forward, but as insiders saw Souza. So the Amateur skating penalty has nothing to do with it".. . Читать полностью -->

The Russian team can prepare in Krasnodar Krai

The Russian team can prepare in Krasnodar KraiIf in Moscow the weather conditions in the second decade of November will not allow a fruitful preparation for the junction matches with the Welsh, scheduled on 15 and 19 November, the Russian team can prepare for them in the Krasnodar region. On Thursday reported RIA "Novosti" Russian football Union President Vyacheslav Koloskov. He said he requested it to colleagues from the regional football Federation and received assurances from them all possible support in this regard. Spikelets confirmed that the transfer of training, especially of the match on 15 November from Moscow, is possible only in extreme cases. "Now we are gearing up for the fact that the preparation of the national team will be held in suburban forest, and the match is on capital "Locomotive" - said the President of the RFU. He also said that the team will sit on the collection of 10 November, which is national team coach Georgy Yartsev invited 25 players - three goalies and 22 outfield players. Читать полностью -->

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